Adios UBC Miami….

We just said good bye this morning to a group from my home church in Miami, UBC.  It was a family team, so there were lots of kids, lots of fun and lots of confused parents….us included…IT WAS AWESOME!!!  Really and Sincerely we had some powerful moments with God together, and for Krista & I it was a very special time.  We spent most of our time serving in La Chureca working with the children there….which was very impactful!  God’s presence was real and powerful and He showed His face to us all in so many ways!  It was so good, so it was sad to say good bye this morning!  I loved getting to spend some time with my peoples 🙂  Miami is just permanently in my blood!!! hahahaha

UBC….dominatin’ for Jesus in the MIA!!!  We love you all!

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