Baptize them…

Throughout the summer so far we have had a lot of activity with visitor coming from the United States to help with the work that God is doing here.  Everyone comes from a different place and different perspective…but all see God evidently here in the eyes of children, in the depths of poverty, in the celebration of worship, in the efforts of God’s people, and in fervent times of prayer.  God is constantly at work.  This summer we had several people make decisions to be baptized and they wanted to be baptized here in Nicaragua before they left.  Baptism is an act of obedience in following Jesus to obey his command (Mark 1, 16), it has a great symbolism of our death and resurrection with Jesus (Romans 6) and it is a powerful time where the Holy Spirit is at work in us individually (Acts 19).  We were more than excited to baptize those who were wanting to be!

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