Daddy got some boots…Ruby Ranch Update

           Mason discovered Daddy’s boots and decided to take em’ for a spin….

Things have really picked up this summer out at Ruby Ranch.  Thanks to the involvement of awesome teams throughout the summer, we have gotten a whole lot of things done out there.  Krista’s brother Brinson has been heading all of the work…we’ve gotten a seven piece playground set into the ground, we’ve aquired to adjacent pieces of land that gave us flat land, we’ve got two trampolines out there, we moved tons of dirt to make the entrance passable, got 15 bicycles, drug the field to create a bike path, all this added to the four horses and eight head of cattle……Ruby Ranch is developing…Praise the Lord!!!

We’ve still got a long way to go, but that doesn’t keep us from having lots of fun out there!  As soon as the playgrounds were installed and the bikes where there and the trampolines where up….we spent some awesome time with the children of Nicaragua.  This is going to be a place that God uses to reach deep into the lives of His children…it is beautiful!

Below is a funny sequence of pictures.  The first one shows what a bunch of Americans like us would do when you think, “well we don’t have a drag to pull behind the truck to make a bike path, lets invent something”….pretty barbaric looking, but hey it would have worked!  But thankfully Henry aka “Chele” came and helped.  Henry is our foreman at Ruby Ranch and if you ever make it down, you will quickly come to know him as “the man”.  As you can see in the picture being a cattle man and a farmer, he had what we needed 🙂

Bella’s got some boots too!!!!!

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