Maria Antonia…culinary school

    Some of you may know Maria Antonia who lives on the driveway up to the Buzbees.  She has been a friend for years, and ever since the Buzbees moved here in 1997 she has been part of a group that comes to church with us every Sunday.  She is in her 20’s now and doing well with life.  She is a strong Christian and someone who is very faithful.  In her pursuit of a career and vocation, she was given the opportunity to attend culinary school here.  She was very excited about the possibility and we were excited for her when she came to share the news.  We were able to help scholarship her tuition and it has been a great experience for her and a joy for us.  After years of not feeling any sort of real excitement for work or vocation, Maria Antonia has really enjoyed this.  She sent us some photos recently that we wanted to share.  Please pray for her and for this endeavor!!!

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