Yousef Nadarkhani…pray

I have had a sticky note on my computer for several weeks now with his name on it.  I hadn’t heard of his story before.  He is in prison in Iran because he is a Christian, he leads a house church movement.  The issue is that he was born Muslim and became a Christian in his teens.  He is 32.  To leave Islam is punishable by death.  It is said that he will be executed in Iran if he doesn’t recant his faith in his trail on the 27th/28th.  Those dates have passed…I haven’t heard any news.

I am praying for him and call you all to pray for him too.  I am asking God to spare his life, and to do something remarkable in Iran.  It is a simple prayer.  Not a simple circumstance…we need to pray for this man.

Here is a story if you would like to read….or google search his name.

UPDATE:  In these two articles he accused of being a “rapist” and a “zionist traitor” whatever that is…pray.                                                                                                                          

UPDATE II:  Marco Rubio (U.S. Senator from Florida) called on the U.N. to condemn Iran form its abuse of religious minorities in Iran.  He also called on President Obama to tireless pressure Iran to release Yousef Nadarkhani from prison.  Another reason Marco Rubio is awesome and I wish he was established enough to be running for president!

UPDATE III:  This is a youtube clip of a prayer from Yousef as well as an explanation of his situation.

Also here is a petition for his release

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