Roofing at Casa Robles…

So we had previously been in a holding pattern for fixing the roof at Robles.  We received a donation to put on the roof over two bedrooms of the house, but rains came and we all decided to make a go at waiting for the dry season….you don’t want to take a roof off a house and have a deluge…right??!??!

Well the deluge came and actually broke through another section of the roof in the back garage/clotheline area….rain poured in and flowed through the entire house!!!!  Wow!!!  So we said rain or no rain we are doing the portion we have the money for, and even though we don’t have the money for this section that broke, we had to repair it anyway.  We needed to step out on faith, because we can’t have rivers flowing through a house!!!

Well praise God we got all of the work done in a week, and it only rained slightly one time over the open roof.  But praise Jesus, we got it done, because like I said previously it has not been raining for nearly a week straight!!!

The unexpected cost was $1,410, which was much more reasonable that we had expected.  We were able to replace the whole back section.  If anyone would like to help with that, please don’t hesitate…we need all the help we can get!  Thank you to the Journey Church in Kentucky for donating the section over the bedrooms!  All of us, especially the 8 lil’ chillin’s and Angelica & Yuri (house parents) at Casa Robles are very very thankful!!!






The shiny sections of the roof are the new ones.  In the final product we got all of the red replaced.  Hopefully in the not too distant future we can replace that entire middle section which also leaks pretty constantly.  One step at a time!

That section is about 8 to 10 times larger, so it will have to be one of those HUGE projects.  Anybody want to make a trip down with some construction people and Get ‘er Dun????  We’d love to have you!!!


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