Tent Pavillion at Colegio Esperanza…

   Over the past several years the wind and rain and sun had torn apart our meeting tent that is situated behind our school in La Chureca.  This space is where we have all Monday morning devotions, big meetings and holiday activities with the school.  So, it was a big priority to get the tent back up.  A group named Love Light & Melody that works in La Chureca also gave us a donation to make a new tent possible…thank you all!  It took a couple of weeks for it to be built, but Praise Jesus it is up now….just in time for all of the rain!!  (yep it is still raining today!!!! crazy!!!)

It was also just in time for Dia de Hispanidad, which is a day where the children learn about the culture and history of Nicaragua, then they put on a show with songs and dance, and then have a big typical lunch…..Nacatamales!!!  Here are some pictures from the event…under the tent! 🙂

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