Ruby Ranch….and Cousin Mark…

Chris’s cousin Mark Nash came down and spent two months with us, it was a great time!  Mark, it was great to have you here man!!!  You came, you served, you dominated!  Mark is back in the states now, preparing for Officer Training school in the USMC….please pray for him.  Nicaragua gave him some experiences he probably won’t even get at officer training school (see picture…hahaha)

That scorpion was living in the house out at Ruby Ranch.  After our trip to Walakitang, Mark spent a lot of his time at Ruby Ranch with Krista’s brother Brinson, getting things cranking out there.  Lots of exciting things have been going on.  Recently the girls from Havilah and the boys from Robles went out there for some fun.  We did archery for the first time, which was really cool.  The kids also had lots of fun on the trampoline and on a hike up to the corn field on top of the hill.  In other exciting news, WE PLANTED OUR FIRST BEAN CROP!  Brinson and Mark where out there tilling the fields, i don’t have a picture but I think there is one on facebook.  Brinson used his 1990 Landcruiser to pull the grater, while Mark sat on top of for extra weight….so he says 🙂  Then the bulls came through and plowed the feild for the beans.

There are lots of big plans out at Ruby Ranch.  We’d like to purchase a tractor, build some dorms, level off a soccer field, fix the roof at the house, fix the entrance bridge, and many more projects.  Please ask God to MAKE ALL OF THIS HAPPEN!!!  We know Ruby Ranch is a place that is, and is going to, glorify Jesus by changing the lives of people who get to go there.  Thanks for your prayers!!!

UPDATE:  Found the picture of the field work over there on facebook…..

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