House Update: Why is your bed in the kitchen?

So for the last two weeks we have been living in half of our house.  All three kids in their room….Krista and I in the Dining Room/Kitchen!!!!  As you might imagine….life is a little crazy these days….an adventure!!! 🙂

In the one picture you can see one of the guys coming through our roof… you might ask why are you living in your kitchen?  Well….to connect the new construction to our existing house we had to do it at our bedroom.  We pulled the roof off to change the pitch of it and then reconnected.  We are hoping to move back into our bedroom next week?!?!

The good news is that we are getting closer to being done.  Once the roof is done we will move back in our room and then eventually finish with windows, doors and bathrooms.   Then we will knock the wall down of our old room.  It has been a long adventure.  This last little bit has been more trying, but we are keeping things together….for the most part 🙂  Here are some pictures of the progress.

Please keep praying for our family and this big personal project for our family.  We hope to finish everything by the time the baby comes in March.

In the one picture you can see one of the guys welding.  They made this makeshift scaffold and hung it over the beams and stood on it to  weld.  You can’t really tell but he is about 20 feet up with nothing to catch him…..he trusts his creation 🙂

BONUS PHOTO:  Okay I am just adding this picture because it is so funny.  At Aliyah and Mason’s end of school show they had Santa come and he was taking pictures with people.  If you can zoom in on Isabella’s face, it is classic!  I am not sure why, but this Santa decided to paint his face with white paint….hahahaha…it may have played into Bella’s reaction?!?!  She was trying hard to not be close to him 🙂

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