Trip to Walakitang….please be praying….

UPDATE:  The team made it and we have heard from them via satelite phone.  The med team treated quite a few very ill newborn babies as I understood it.  There was a set of twins that terribly dehydrated when they arrived.  Sadly the little girl passed away, but the boy is still hanging on.  From what I understand, one or two infants may be coming out with the team because of their dire medical state.  So PLEASE BE PRAYING FOR THE TRIP HOME TOMORROW!

We will be driving trucks up and getting the team off the river in the evening and the plan is to make the trip back to Managua the same night.  It will be grueling for all involved, so we definitely appreciate your prayers!  We need them!

Krista’s brother Brinson is on a trip up to Walakitang.  He is with Michael Perkins who we work together with on the Rio.  Michael, his wife Lisa and their family live in Nicaragua and have a ministry called Mustard Seed Mission.  We have worked together since the beginning 6 years ago.  This group is a medical team from Oregon that has been doing Thanksgiving Medical Missions trips up to Walakitang for the past five years with Michael.  It should be a great trip and bring much needed medical relief to the communities along the Rio Coco.

Please pray for them and for all of the details that go into doing a trip like this.  Also pray for their safety and for the Lord to go before them with a Spirit of peace.  They will be out in the most remote parts of our country and we want to cover them in prayer so that God uses them greatly and does great things for His Kingdom.

We dropped them off yesterday in Wiwili to get on the Rio Coco.  They will be back out next Monday.  It should be a great trip and a greater adventure…Praise Jesus!

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