Please Pray this morning…

We have a meeting this morning with one of the mother’s at Casa Robles.  If you remember last year this same mother considered not returning Kener & Luisa to Robles.  Well this year she is again wanting to take them out.  Without going into detail, her situation has not improved and it is hard for us to let them go knowing it will be worse for them.  She is the mother and will make the final decision.  But we ask you all to pray.

Ask God’s presence to be with us as we meet today at 10am (11am EST).  Ask for God to break through with Fabiola (Kener & Luisa’s mom) and give her wisdom and foresight.  Pray for Mama Angelica & Papa Yuri as this is most certainly the most difficult part of doing the work God has put in their hands.  It is difficult for us too, we love these children.

WE trust God.  Thank you for praying with us!

UPDATE:  Thank you all for praying for our meeting.  It really did go well.  We got to share with Faviola our love for Kener & Luisa, we got to talk about their situation openly, we got to encourage and pray for Faviola.  She really wants to care for her kids, but she realizes the benefit of Robles as well as the difficulties and concerns in their home situation.  It is hard to imagine Casa Robles without them, so we will keep praying.  She hasn’t totally decided and we have left the door open for the next couple of weeks until school starts.

It really was a great meeting and time with her.  We will see what God unfolds.  Keep praying.  Thank you again.  Amen.

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