Robles Boyz at Ruby Ranch

     The boys are still on vacation from school so today we took them out to Ruby Ranch.  An awesome way to spend a day with a bunch of guys.  We had lunch when we got there.  Then we rode bikes and horses.  Then we played on the playground for a little bit.  But then we hiked to the top of the hill (future camp site)…..which turned into a battlefield where we were escaping down the mountain side and scaling back up then hiding in the brush from the enemy….must have spent a couple of hours up there!  It was awesome!  Praise God for Ruby Ranch and the great things he is gonna do there!

     After our adventure time, we went and visited our new mascot for the farm.  Henry (who works with us at Ruby Ranch) found this little guy stuck in the dense underbrush the other day.  Not exactly what you expect to find when you here a noise 🙂  Marcos learned quick that some animals may never get domesticated….hahahaha….here is the three step process of Marcos’ experience.  Gettin’ down and dirty at Ruby Ranch…ewwww!

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