Happy Birthday Papa!!!

Krista’s dad celebrated his birthday last weekend and we had a fun time celebrating with him!  Both Papa and Gramma are in the states now for Coburn and Melissa’s wedding reception in Tallahassee….should be a great time!  Pray for God to give them some great times of ministry while in the good ‘ol US of A.

On Sunday afternoon, Mamma Angelica called from Casa Robles and asked if it would be ok if they stopped by with a cake for Papa Mike.  So they did and it was really sweet having all the little guys here singing to Papa….then of course came the line of “que la muerda, que la muerda”, even though he is on a long fast, he went down for the bite to make the kiddos happy and Timo got him from behind, but at the same time Papa got Andrew….and then later convinced lil’ Angel to give it a shot and got him too.  If you’ve ever been in Nicaragua for a birthday cake celebration you know this part of the tradition 🙂  It was a very fun little visit!

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