Colegio Esperanza….off to the clinic…

Last year we had a local clinic offer to see all of the students at Colegio Esperanza and begin files on them.  Great right!  It is great!  In La Chureca there are so many different factors affecting health, so we are looking forward to having this data base for all the kids.  As this year started about 40 children were called back for secondary exams.  There were some severe cases of different bacterial and viral diseases and all of the appropriate medicines were given.  I played chauffeur this last trip which was fun for me….and I could help since I am obviously not a doctor (though I did stay at a Holiday Inn last night….couldn’t resist…I think I am funny hahahah).  The kids got off of school and were all really cooperative, though they kept teasing each other about who was gonna get a shot.  I just liked getting to hang out with them.  The doctors were great.

In fact, they offered to restart the exams again for this year, so we have another 100 students lined up.  Papa Yuri from Casa Robles is gonna help make that happen.  In between getting all the boys to school he is gonna taxi the kids from Esperanza to the Clinic each day for this coming week.

It is great to have this chance to tend to the kids medical needs.  We want to take care of every aspect of their lives.  These visits help with keeping track of each child’s medical needs, which sadly are often neglected.

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