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January 2012 Newsletter (click to view the pdf file)

If you would like to see our newsletter from the beginning of the year, here it is in PDF format.  We send it out by snail mail because it isn’t just an informative newsletter but also a way for us to raise funds.  In this January edition we listed some of the ministries you read about here on our blog along with the monthly costs for keeping them going.

I am sorry it is Black and White, but we wanted to let our friends and family who visit us here on the blog have the information too.  Thanks for all of your prayers for our family and for the financial support you send!!!

Click here for Donation Information.   Thank you Mucho Mucho Mucho!!!

Baby Juliette is doing great!  Obviously sleep is sparse for mom and dad, but we have Mema here through mid April and Gramma is right up the hill…..PRAISE JESUS for awesome grandmothers!!! 🙂  Isabella is having a blast with her lil’ sister…she is so funny!


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