Casa Robles….Roof Project

Last year we were able to fix a portion of the roof at Casa Robles over two of the bedrooms.  It was in good timing and prevented some flooding that would have happened when a Tropical Storm hit the week after we finished.

Right now we are in the middle of dry season and the rains come in May.  Papa Yuri (house dad) told me that the roof was in bad shape and some neighbors had thrown rocks on the roof and there were holes.  I went up to inspect and fix the hole, but while patching one little hole my leg went through the roof!!!  Yikes.

I am not too heavy and the fact that my weight broke the roof showed that the roof is really rotted.  We need to replace it.  Marcos and I got up there to take some pictures and found some more damaged areas (click photos to see more detail).

The large section we need to replace that you see in the picture is about 2,300 square feet.  We will replace the roof with tin sheets and styrofoam insulation.  If God provided the money we would do it ASAP so that it is ready for the rainy season. 

The cost is approximately $6,350

If you would like to help with this roof project please email us or make a donation here.  Thank you!

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