Happy Easter!

We hope everyone had a great Easter weekend.  We had a great day with family and Easter eggs and hunting for them, and the baskets in the morning.  The kids had a great time.

We’ve been reading through the book of Acts recently and wow, it is amazing what a catapult the resurrection of Jesus was for the first disciples and the early church.  It was when they realized he was a alive that a fire was lit in their souls to go out into surrounding nations facing opposition and persecution, sharing the Gospel even to the point of death for some.  I want some of that fire!  I want the resurrection of Jesus to be a fire in my soul!!!  My Savior is alive and because of his death a resurrection, I am given the same…life everlasting…amazing.

Happy Easter!

FRANCIS CHAN BOOKS:  We had an Easter weekend surprise…on Amazon all three of Francis Chan’s recent books are free in the kindle version.  I loved his book on the Holy Spirit, and have always heard Crazy Love was a great book.  I am enjoying getting into his recent book about Hell.  I definitely downloaded all three of them.  Just wanted to let people know.

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