Casa Robles: Happy Birthday Heyler!!!

   Last week all the government shut down for May day….so we decided since the kids didn’t have school it was a great day to spend the whole day celebrating Hayler’s birthday!!!  Everyone from Casa Robles and Casa Havilah came up to the Buzbees for a party at the pool….it was mucho funo as you can imagino 🙂

But you know what happens when you spend an entire day in the sun….Sunburn!!!  Ok it wasn’t that bad, but everyone was a least five shades darker by the time we all got out of the pool.  Check out some of the pictures….anybody ever been Tom surfing?  I caught Marcos in the act….but earlier Brinson actually stood up and took the ride all the way into the pool!!!!  Of course I didn’t have the camera ready, so you will just have to believe us…it was impressive!


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