Robles: Andrew Update…praise Jesus!

Wow!  So proud to tell everyone that Andrew came through surgery last night and this morning will be leaving the hospital!  Amazing.  Proud for him, for a six year old to go through this the way this little boy did was awesome.  Proud for the people of God who rallied in an instant to help pay for the surgery.  Proud for Angelica & Yuri who have put it all out for Andrew, as their own son.  Proud for doctors here who were excellent.  Proud to have so many men and women of God praying and loving on Andrew all over the world!

Angelica gave us some fun details.  She says he looks this morning like a little boy who hasn’t gone through anything!  A Champ!  Apparently when he first woke up from the anesthesia he wiggled his foot…he was making sure his leg was still there 🙂  Praise Jesus his leg is fine and tumor free!

The tumor turned out to be nearly 1 lb. in weight when they removed it entirely, which was very shocking.  The doctor said that it was a pesky tumor to remove and at its extremes it was dangerously close to his femur.  Had it reached that far it could have caused major problems, even a need for amputation according to the doctor.

God is so good.  His timing is good….it is perfect!  Thank you all for all the prayers and support.  Please keep praying for Angel as well…we are begging the lord for another victory in the next week or so…that Angel would be able to come back home to Casa Robles!!!  Amen.

Thank you Tom Seipel for the photo.  This is just after surgery.  Hopefully we will get some more up today.  Praise Jesus!

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