Casa Robles….great news on multiple fronts!

Andrew Update:  The biopsy came back from the tumor.  There are no traces of cancer in what they removed.  This was our hope and the type of tumor did not indicate there would be cancer, but getting the results of the biopsy was what we were waiting for to confirm and Praise Jesus they were negative.  Amen.

School Update:  With every report card there is more and more good news.  All of the children at the home made the Honor Roll!  This is a first for Marcos who is the oldest in the house….really really really awesome!  We hope to get by soon for some ice cream partying or something!!!!

Thank you for your continued support and prayers for the children at Casa Robles.  We are still praying and waiting for Angel to return!  Also there is the possibility of Luisa and Kener returning.  Everyone went to visit them yesterday with a pizza and all the kids had a great time together.  It has always been right on the edge with their mother Fabiola as to whether she was able to care for them or not, so they may come back soon.  Please pray for them too and for their mom Fabiola.

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