Medical Team…UBC Miami

Can you spot me?  I put on a cow mask and posed for the photo….it was a tough decision, but someone had to wear the mask…hahahaa!!!!

We mentioned below what a blessing it was to have a group down from UBC praying for us and our home (Chris grew up at UBC and they are family that has supported us on this adventure the entire way!) .  There mission was more than that obviously…they came equipped with doctors, nurses, dentists and dental hygenist to bless the poorer communities in rural parts of Nicaragua.  It was a very successful endeavor.

Not just all the fillings, minor stitching, teeth pulled and medicine delivered….the successes were also in the spiritual.  The attitude of all was to pray and be praying for any person who came through the clinic.  There were passionate pleas for healing and a touch from the Lord as well as very clear presentation of the Gospel of Jesus.  Hearing the stories on our last day together of people coming to Christ and the times praying during the clinic was actually very exciting to hear!  Praise Jesus for all his provision and blessing us all with his marvelous presence this week!

Aliyah visited the clinic one day and wanted to stay to help with her Aunt Ebi (Krista’s sister Elizabeth who is a nurse and runs all the medical clinics superbly)…but nap time came calling and she just ducked down behind the pharmacy for a little snooze!

Rosie (dental hygenist) and I got to do battle with Customs together.  The dental motor was detained on arrival…this motor was so important because it allows the dental team to do fillings and not just extractions.  We waited all day in Customs on a roller coaster of we’ve got it, now we don’t, now we do only towards the end of the day when we thought all hope was gone did they let us have the motor if we abandoned the rest of the medical supplies….we agreed in relief!  If we had to come back the next day we were gonna plan a dance act or something to share the Gospel with all those waiting patiently with us (quite frustratingly patient)…it would have been a good show! 🙂  But we got to rejoin the team and get to work instead….God’s plans are great and we trust Him with all things….that was quite a day!  Honestly there would have been lots of confusion at customs if most of the team didn’t speak Spanish fluently….that was a huge bonus…the whole week actually!  Praise Jesus for all that was accomplished!


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