Update on our house construction…

Praise Jesus after many many months we have started moving into our new annex of our home.  Our space is about doubling so once we get it all settled we will have lots of room for our growing lil’ family.  The move has begun and we are excited!  Here are a bunch of photos we took the other day with little side notes….



Scrubbing and cleaning before moving in :)…had to get up all the concrete and paint and whatever else splats….


…The NEW LIVING ROOM! (where the office chair is was our old bedroom.) we knocked down the walls behind it to lead into the new space…



Moving things over. Thankfully we didn’t need a moving truck hahaha…. note the random baby on the couch. (:




Hanging curtains…Juliette chillin’ in her bouncy seat…is the husband using the ladder leaving the wife to balance on the back of a couch?!?!?….a valid question indeed….hahaha!



Aliyah & Bella watching the work to build a wall out back…so the hill doesn’t fall into the house!


We are so blessed and grateful for this time in our life.  This construction has been a great adventure since last March and God has encouraged us and provided all along the way.  It has been a huge long project, but remarkably peace filled!

It was very special to actually have medical team from UBC in Miami down.  This is family that has know Chris most of his life and been with our family all the way on this great adventure.  We went up on the roof one night and they prayed over us and our house…that it would be a monument to the things of God, a place where God’s Spirit always dwells…it was an awesome time!  Praise Jesus, the adventure keeps on going….

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