On the move…

As I mentioned previously all of the families in La Chureca are being moved out.  On the day of the Christmas party, I spent some time with one of the families.  You may remember Romulo and Jeraldin.  They were the couple who had their wedding at the school last year.  Well they are in the first group of families to be moved.  Is snapped some photos of their house in the process of moving (you can see the army guys in the background of one of the photos).

IMG_4652     IMG_4657

IMG_4651    Stay tuned as we will find some time soon to go and visit them in their new house.  It will be a striking difference I am sure!

On a funny note:  One of their pigs got away as they were trying to move…I was pretty proud of myself because I found it later on in the day and chased it back to the their house for them!  Chachi, the pig catcher hahaha 🙂

One Comment on “On the move…

  1. More of the Joneses – praying for you ALL – that this transition will be beneficial for all concerned!!
    Roger and Judy Jones

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