Casa Robles: First Day of School

The boys from Casa Robles (our rescue home for boys) started school last week.  The last two years they have been enrolled in a private school in Managua.  This has done wonders for them and their education.  It is an extra cost every month, but well worth it.  The boys are all excited about the new school year and look sharp in their uniforms.  Marcos starts High School this year, he is not the tallest guy by any means but I am pretty sure he runs the show at school all the same…or at least he thinks he does.  It will be a fun year to watch him develop with all the responsibilities that come with being in High School.  Freder, Heyler, Denis, Angel & Andrew are all in elementary school together this year.  Heyler and Freder are in the same class, and I am not kidding they will battle it out for the best in their class.  We are excited for the new year…your prayers are always needed and so much appreciated!


IMG_238 IMG_237

Would you consider sponsoring one of the boys for the year at school?  When we calculate all of their books, school supplies, uniforms and tuition it comes out to only $45 a month. 

Your support would be so appreciated.

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