Opening Club Cristiano La Espernza

It almost feels like in a flash we are relocated and back and kicking in our efforts to serve and minister to the families of La Chureca.  The last month was so difficult and exhausting, that it was really almost sureal to be starting the year.  But Praise God the year has begun.  This first week we kicked off the preschool & kindergarden classes.  We had about 80 students signed up, and every day of the week, more mothers came asking if there was room. 

The new building and facility is awesome.  We had to do some remodeling of walls and fix all the electricity but we got it done in time for school.  It feels safe and spacious and the future is exciting.  Please keep praying for the funds to come in to purchase this new locations.  God has brought us this far and we are very encouraged! 

Here are some photos from the first week of school!  My favorite is of Juan Fabiano, he cried all day, but was more than content going home in his cart with his ice cream from the first day of school 🙂

IMG_5681 IMG_5708 IMG_5701IMG_5668 IMG_5676 IMG_5686 IMG_5695IMG_5690 IMG_5683

This coming Monday we will start our feeding program and elementary school tutoring program.  We have over 200 students signed up for this program.  We are still trying to get funding for the full time tutors to run this program…please pray that all this comes together perfectly and God takes advantage of this and makes impact on individual lives!  Our High School scholarship program will also begin next week…we have 30 students registered for this.  Lots of great things!  Thank you for your prayers!!!

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