IMG_7291Have you ever seen the movie Waterworld?  Remember the scene where they discover Kevin Costner has gills behind his ears….they all start screaming Muuuutaaaaation!!!

Well when I got home one day….I was reminded of that movie 🙂  Ok maybe a little exaggerated ha!  But that morning I knew Juliette had gotten Chicken Pox from her sisters, then Krista called during the day and was saying how bad it had gotten.  I didn’t think too much of it, but when I got home I couldn’t believe it.  COVERED!  I touched her poor little head and it felt like it was covered in boils 🙁

Praise Jesus though, she hasn’t scratched much and even though she has been grouchy and upset a lot, she is getting over it.  This is our first time with the POX so I was shocked….some of you may have had worse cases.  I just didn’t know how crazy it got!!!!  I mean her entire body is covered!  Please pray for our baby girl….and thank you for your prayers for our entire family!!!

IMG_7290 IMG_7276


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