Times at the Club…

We had some friends down from Heritage Baptist Church in Alabama and spent most of our time ministering to the students at Club Esperanza.  They brought down Bible studies for children accompanied with a felt story board that allowed the stories to be communicated clearly in a fun way.  They also worked the grounds a good bit fixing some of the areas around the wash basins and drinking fountains. 

IMG_0981 IMG_1357  IMG_0926 IMG_0989

We also had an impactful time with the staff of Club Esperanza.  We’ve been having weekly Wednesday Bible Studies at the Club with our staff, it has been an important time of focusing on the Lord in all of our lives personally.  Scott, a group member, shared a great message on love and its Biblical meaning, and even more importantly how God’s presence in us allows His Love to pour out into those we minister too.  

IMG_1257 IMG_1407 IMG_1421

At Club Esperanza we have a group of teenaged High School students that we help scholarship into local High Schools.  This ministry allows teenagers to continue in school, who otherwise may have to stop school because they can’t afford the basics of uniforms, supplies, fees, etc.  We took 15 of them out to National site in Managua and Scott once again shared with them.  This time he shared on sexual purity.  It was awesome to have a Bible study with them on a topic that is very relevant to the teenage years…to be given a Biblical perspective is so important for these young men and women. 

IMG_1157Along with everything else, they also brought gifts for Casa Robles…a camera, clothes for the kids and having heard about our need for new appliances, they took Momma Angelica out and bought a new washing machine!  Thank you all so much!

An absoutely awesome surprise was getting to see great friends from Seminary days.  Adam is a pastor at Heritage and friend from Golden Gate.  Another friend Pete who is a missionary with his family in East Asia was home on furlow.  The three of us were bachelors when we met at Golden Gate ten years ago.  Well, Pete rigged up a joke on Adam…he came down with his family and we totally surprised Adam at the airport…It was so awesome!  To have friends down at this time was so great for Krista and I.  Our children got to meet, which is really cool, and we were ministered to at a time of need.  It was such a blessing….and really fun!!!

IMG_7514 IMG_7484 IMG_7457 IMG_7515

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