Walakitang…church planting on the Rio Coco

IMG_7644 We had a brief meeting this week with Pastor Victor here in Managua.  He was journeying back home after attending a pastoral seminar in Puerto Cabezas on the East Coast.  Victor was traveling with two pastors, one from Raiti and another from Lakusta.  These are two villages were he has been working to spread the Gospel.  They both were absolutely blessed by this seminar that was put on by Verbo Church (the local denomination we are part of that covers this work on the Rio Coco).  One of them said to us out of his excitement “to my blood and my bones I will love my Verbo Church because of how we are treated and loved as pastors”.  It sounded better in Spanish, but they deeply appreciated the seminar training.

Now for perspective it was wild to hear their story of how they reached the seminar, and amazing that they felt this way.  They hiked for three full days through the mountains to reach a town to get in a boat.  They didn’t see anyone for days.  They laughed how Victor almost passed out and the other brother had to pray for him, and how they had only their hammocks and some bread thinking it would only take one day to hike.  Then they got in a boat for a day ride to Waspam.  Then they took a bus ride the next day to Puerta Cabezas for the seminar.  I would pass out after just a four hour hike in the sun, so hearing these men and their passion for the things of God was a great testimony.

God is slowly doing a good work in these communities.  Please keep praying for Victor, Luis (Lakusta) and Rolando (Raiti).  They are trying to get a guitar in each village for the church, and they spoke about the possibility of getting small solar panels that will run a couple light bulbs for each church.  We don’t know the details on these small projects yet but if you have interest in helping with these things, please contact us via email.

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