Lyla & Tilly…

IMG_1798Some of the fruit of Ruby Ranch….Uncle Brinson brought home two baby deer a couple months ago after his day at the Ranch.  A neighbor farmer offered them to him so he accepted.  Our guards sort of adopted them and bottle fed them at night for a couple months…now they are super tame and wander free.  We introduce you too Lyla & Tilly 🙂

IMG_1785IMG_1827The funniest thing for us is seeing how Isabella has taken to them.  She will just leave in the morning while Aliyah is doing school and walk to find them by the rancho.  They are her little friends now…today Lyla just wandered into our IMG_1808house.  Never thought I would say something like that…”a baby deer just wandered into my house”  Praise Jesus for all of His beautiful creation!



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