Club Esperanza: Update on what is happening this year…

We had a great year last year at Club Cristiano La Esperanza continuing to do ministry in the neighborhood where all of the people from La Chureca (the dump) were moved to.  The way the year started with our school being destroyed by the government (see part of that story here), we could not have imagined the great things the Lord was preparing.

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We received a great testimony to all that happened last year, when we had registration for the 2014 activities at Club Esperanza.  On the Monday of registration, parents were lined up at 5a.m. to get their children signed up for our programs.  When Sheyla arrived, there was a crowd and she spent the entire day signing children up!  It is a testimony to not only the need in the community, but also to the quality of our staff and reputation we have in the neighborhood.  God is so good, and we look forward to this year!  

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We have 341 students signed up for next year!  We tried not to turn anyone away, but there is a waiting list for the preschool.  Here is the list of the different programs that happen at Club Esperanza…. Community PreSchool & Kindergarden, Elementary School tutoring program, High School Scholarship Program, Feeding & Nutrition Program, Lacrosse the Nations Sports Program, and Music & Art Classes.

Fundraising Update:

Our new location has been the amazing key to our ability to do ministry in the neighborhood.  You may remember we needed to raise $75,000 by January to completely pay off the new location.  We were unable to do that, but the seller has been gracious and granted us an extension on that deadline with a small penalty.

We have until March 2014 to raise the remaining $26,400

Please be in prayer for this money to come in, and if you or somebody you know would like to give to this great need, here is our donation information.

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Thank you for your interest and for your prayers!

God Bless You!

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