Goings on in Nicalandia…

Thank you to everyone who is praying for us and the things God is doing here over the summer!  It has been exciting and we appreciate the prayers!

Beautification at Club EsperanzaNorfolk Christian School from Virginia did some excellent beautifying of the garden in the entry areas.  Lots of colors on the wall all around, planting of some new plants, but mostly GRASS!!!  The front area is green!  We are gonna try to keep little feet off of it (don’t you remember elementary school…I was always getting yelled at by teachers…”stay off the grass” LOL!).  It really makes it beautiful out front to have all the color!

10462844_10202096775567863_1317975530818703059_n 1511604_10202096775447860_4553151723582799087_n10464212_10202096780367983_5086227318144701409_n 10418295_10202096772607789_1393973067481286671_n 10308070_10202096770687741_6313519512601224996_n

And the painting goes on…Norfolk also visited Casa Robles and cleaned up all the kids rooms really nice with new colors and trim!

10480982_10202098659214953_3402635206703238377_n 10457569_10202098677135401_7789899646392696014_n10393838_10202098633454309_9011293565249214341_n

Then out at Ruby Ranch the Norfolk gang built a platform on a hill top which will be part of a future camping site for doing overnight camps out at the Double R!

photo 3 photo 1

Valor Christian School from Colorado also joined us this summer and spent alot of their time out at Ruby Ranch.  They also put together some really fun days for the kids at Casa Havilah & Casa Robles.  It was futbol fever down here during the World Cup and the team made the boys’ day by getting them the official World Cup soccer album…and of course playing some pick up games in the garage!

photo 17 photo 16photo 19

This sequence of photos is called Giant Human Beach Ball named Marcos…

photo 11 photo 12 photo 13 photo 14

And this one is called…Hey Goalie just let the kid score will ya?!?!

photo 8 photo 9 photo 7 photo 6

The summer is full of life down here and we love being able to minister to and bless kids that we love with friends of our from the States!  God is good.

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