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Ah it has been a week since a medical & agricultural team from our home church Christ Journey left Nicaragua.  It is not for lack of love that the blogpost is delayed…we had such an outstanding time with them!  God is so good and our family is blessed a thousand times over by our church.  Thank you all again for this amazing trip and extraordinary blessings!  

If you don’t have a church home wherever you live around the world, Christ Journey is online.  Church online isn’t only a broadcast of the service, but also a chance for live interaction with the ministry team at  Click the link for service time…next one is in an hour.  If you are looking for some Spiritual food, check it out.


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We took the assembled team of doctors and dentists to different sites in the city and further out into the counrty side of Nicaragua.  All told the team served over 600 people with medical and dental attention.  The beautiful thing about this type of team is the opportunity to minister to the individual spiritual needs of people as well….and it wasn’t just for the people crying out to Jesus as they were sitting into the dental chair! 🙂  Hundreds of people received spiritual and medical attention, Amen!

Probably one of the sweetest moments was when the team finished up two days of clinic at a small rural church in the town of La Concha.  The members of the church had individually purchased gifts and presented them to each individual member of the team!  It was such a sweet ceremony put together by this small church expressing their gratitude…Christ Journey has been visiting them for five years.

At the end a little girl from the church presented the group with a Nicaraguan flag as a gesture of thanks and unity between two nations.  Two nations with long distances between them but united in the causes of Jesus Christ.

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This year the team had a dual mission.  We had an smaller group of guys focused on an agricultural mission out at Ruby Ranch.  They accomplished that week what we have been hoping for for well over a year now….Irrigation!  They placed a giant water tank at the top of what most Miamians might call a small mountain, but we call a hill 🙂  Then they engineered the water lines for a gravity fed irrigation system for the fields below.

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After finishing the irrigation system they tilled and prepared a garden field that we hope will soon feed hundreds of Nicaraguans in our different ministries.  They brought with them expertise in planting and the seeds to begin the first crops.  Over the next few months we are really looking forward to the fruit of this HUGE labor.

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It was a beautiful week for all of us in Nicaragua in so many ways!

Thank you again Christ Journey…we love you all dearly and love being a part of these great things together!  That the Lord’s Kingdom would come and His will be done on earth as it is in heaven.  Praise Jesus!  Amen.

Click here if you would like to see more photos from the week.

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