Christmas fun for everyone!

We ended the year at Club Cristiano La Esperanza with a huge Christmas party for all of our students and their families…well over 300 people were there and we had presents for every single child!  We served lunch to everyone and even had a clown and a bounce house for the kids.  Alleluia thank you for all of your prayers and giving this year!  

These pictures tell the story better than words.  Merry Christmas!

Our hope is that the Joy of Christmas would be something special to everyone this year; giving love to all who gather together, comfort to those who mourn, peace to those in turmoil, excitement to those taking a new step this coming year, generosity to all no matter where we are, hope to those waiting, faith to all of us to sustain our lives.  

Jesus, be everything we need this Christmas season.  Amen.

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