New Faces at Casa Robles & Casa Havilah…

Starting off this new year we have had some new additions move into Casa Havilah and Casa Robles.  Alyson and Nateling moved into Casa Havilah and Israel moved into Casa Robles.  All of them come from situations that put them at risk for a variety of reasons.  The subject can be a very delicate one, but the drug and alcohol abuse by parents and relatives, abusive adults in their home settings and the grip of poverty make their individual situations unsafe.  So, we are really excited that the Lord has Casa Havilah and Casa Robles in existence, and look forward to keeping these little ones safe!

Will you please join us in praying for all three of them?  Thank you.

image IMG_0756

Israel is 9 years old.  He is Keren & Saxskia’s brother from Casa Havilah

photo 4 IMG_0760

Nateling is 10 years old and she is from the neighborhood called “Rafael Rios”.  This is the neighborhood to the left as you enter the dump for anyone who is familiar from years past.

photo 1 IMG_0758

Alyson is 7 years old.  She is from the neighborhood that was built for all the families that used to live in La Chureca.  She is part of the family that used to live right at the entrance to Colegio Esperanza before the dump was closed.

You probably notice some of these pictures are from the pool.  One of the fun things we got to do this last weekend was have both Casa Robles and Casa Havilah up for a pool party after church.  The Rock Church from Ashville, N.C. was in town and put together a pizza party for everyone.  Its sunny and hot here unlike the rest of the Northern Hemisphere, so it was really fun to be able to swim in the pool and not ice skate on it!  A crazy game of keep away with a yellow football dominated the party…follow the ball 🙂

IMG_0746 IMG_0764 IMG_0748 IMG_0740 IMG_0717 IMG_0724

Those who didn’t join the madness of the game of Keep-Away had lots of fun too, because pools are pretty much always fun!  School starts down here this week and next week so this was also our “good by to vacations” party!  ¡Hasta La Vista Vacaciones!

IMG_0737 IMG_0779 IMG_0768

This last picture is soooo funny, the boys are always the last ones out of the pool….not because they aren’t listening or like most boys they just wanna play 24/7.  It’s because Papa Yuri always has his bag of coins at the end of the day.  They all turn away, splash the water so they can’t hear anything, Papa Yuri tosses the coins all over and then “Bring me my monedas”!  Whoever brings the most wins 🙂  I am pretty sure they could play that game until they fell asleep in the pool!

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