School starts at Casa Farrington…

Since our lives are in Nicaragua we roll with the Nicaraguan school calendar which starts in January and ends in December.  Sure, if we ever move back home they will be one of those kids who don’t know what grade they are in LOL!  But it is really enjoyable to have the extended vacation over the Christmas Holidays.  Well, Christmas is long past and it is time to get tracking on learning.  This year Juliette will be joining her big sister Isabella in Kindergarten at a local Spanish language Kinder.  They are a funny pair 🙂

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It never is easy saying good-bye on the first day of school for the first time.  Juju was tough having her sister with her, but the big tears started falling.  I am pretty sure it is one of the tortures of all time for parents to walk away on that first day, it was really hard!  She has adjusted well and now greets her teacher with a big smile, a wave and an “¡Hola!”

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Aliyah is in 4th grade now and Mason is in 2nd.  Krista is homeschooling both of them down here with a great curriculum called Sonlight.  It is no cake walk being a full time teacher along with everything else that we have going on, but it really is great!  Aliyah and Mason love mommy even more, and it proves once again that Mommy really does know everything there is to know!

Thank you to all of you who support our family and pray for us!  Our children are our first priority, so we appreciate your prayers so much for them too!

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