Narrow Gate Summer Interns….2015

IMG_1860   This is the tenth year of our Narrow Gate Summer Intern/Discipleship Program down here in Nicaragua and we have a pretty stellar crew of young people with us!  Narrow Gate is an opportunity for individuals to come to Nicaragua and serve with us in our ongoing ministries and also combine our missions work with some discipleship and study.  We are into our second week but we wanted to shoot out a blog to introduce them all and ask for you continued covering of prayers for all of us down here!

Our Crew for the summer are Linsey, Franchesca & Callie from Florida, John and Crystal from California, Lindsey from Georgia, Laura from Colorado and Anna-Bel from Arkansas who came back this summer to be an awesome extra set of hands!  Click on their names to read their personal blogs…I will add them as I get the links.

IMG_1861We just finished up our time serving at Club Esperanza.  We spent a week and a half volunteering with the tutoring program and taking care of some odd jobs like painting, trimming a gutter, fixing a little fence and those types of things.  Today was the big fiesta with all of the teachers because it is Teacher Day in Nicaragua.  So, the Narrow Gaters took them all out to lunch at a nice Air Conditioned restaurant!  Then when we got back and they had given all 100 and something kids in the tutoring program 500 balloons to surprise the teachers when they came back into the Club…it was awesome! It was so loud when all 500 balloons started getting popped by the kids 🙂  It was sort of controlled chaos and then we had ice cream together….big smiles on all of our teachers faces!

As our study portion of the summer, we have been going through Richard Foster’s book “Celebration of Discipline” together, most recently discussing Prayer and Fasting.  We are also reading through testimonies of Christians who are being persecuted and martyred in a book called “Killing Christians”, they are difficult to read and it is equally shocking that these stories are as recent as the last three or four years.  We need to constantly be praying for Christians who are suffering.  Check out this facebook page called 8thirty8 that is a constant prayer guide for persecuted Christians.  Lastly, we are enjoying a book called “Renaissance” by Os Guinness, a contemporary call towards a renaissance in Western Christianity that in recent decades has yielded strength and influence under the shadow modernity.

Starting Saturday they will be living at Casa Havilah and Casa Robles for five days.  We call these times Solo Journeys where everyone gets immersed into Nicaragua culture living in an all Spanish speaking environment.  It should be awesome!

I say that because this group of individuals is awesome and we are having a blast together!  Again thank you for your continued prayers for all of us and for all of the continuous ministry going on this summer.  Jesus is moving in powerful ways in us and through us.

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