Miss Margarita (Ruby’s Sister) is heading home…

IMG_3145Something about the alternate title to the J.R.R. Tolkien classic the Hobbit, “‘There and Back again; A Hobbit’s Tale’ by Bilbo Baggins” always had a special ring to it for me.  An epic journey summed up in the simplest of terms…there and back again.

Miss Margarita came to Managua from the East Coast of Nicaragua two decades ago to be with her sister Miss Ruby Temple, a prophetess and an evangelist of the Lord.  Margarita’s husband had just passed away and she felt the Lord telling her to go to Managua and take care of her youngest sister Ruby, just as she had ever since their mother died when Ruby was two and Margarita was 15.  Her family told her she was going to be sooooo home sick and wouldn’t do good in that city, but she went as the Lord led.  And as Margie would say “oh brother I didn’t have none of that sickness, not one day!”

It was a great decision.  When Miss Ruby passed away four years ago it was very hard but Margarita said she was going to keep this house of prayer open and tend to it like it is the Lord’s house.  Her brother Alvin passed away soon after and so did her daughter Daisy but Mrs. Margie was not going to move.  And praise God that she didn’t because over the last four years The Spirit of the Lord has moved in so many of our lives that it is hard to count or retell all the stories.  Ruby’s House of Prayer will be there for many years to come.

But the time has now come for Mrs. Margie to go home.  There and back again, two decaces of serving the Lord in Managua.  She is in her mid nineties now, her health is declining and she wants to be around her children, grandchildren and great grandchildren.  So, next month we are going to take Mrs. Margie back to Hallover, just past Kukra Hill and tucked up next to the famous Pearl Lagoon.

Margarita’s house sat abandoned for nearly twenty years so it needs alot of work.  We actually started working on it in December.  It needs around $4,500 worth of renovations to fix the walls, the porch, the roof, the windows and put in a septic system.  If anybody reading this would like to help support this financially, please do!  Here is the the information and you can note it is for “Mrs. Margie’s house”.    

We are very sad, and my eyes well up a little while typing.  It is pretty remarkable the impact that these two little women from the coast have had on my life.  I know on so many others too.  In fact, if you wanted to write her an email you could do that too…just send it to us losfarringtons@gmail.com and put Margarita in the title.  We will take it down and read it to her…her sight is fading a good bit and she can’t really read that well anymore.

Praise Jesus for the wonderful work Miss Ruby and Mrs. Margarita did in Managua!  It is something that has impacted generations!  Please pray for a safe trip home!  Amen.





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