Ski Break in Nicaragua…Westminster Christian School


Westminster Christian School form Miami, FL was back in Nicaragua again this February.  A few years back a couple of students from Westminster came to Nicaragua on a missions trip with their church.  The Lord touched their lives and when they went back to school they decided to start a Missions Club.  The reaction was great and every “Ski Week” break since, students from Westminster have led a team of fellow students to Nicaragua to build a home for a family in need hundreds of miles away.

This year the recipient was Maria Ney and her family.  In some of the pictures you can see the home she, her husband, and their two children used to live in.  We met her about five years ago when she first asked for help.  As you can imagine there is a large list of people who need help, but Maria was always persistent and very polite over the years.  It was a real pleasure to be able to help her this year!  They were all so thankful.

The students did an amazing job.  Lots of hard work in the blazing sun.  Plus it is the dry season so all of the vegetation is dead and every time the wind blows it is a giant dust storm….in summary, tons of fun!  Load after load of cement in the cement mixer (their hands were the cement mixer), block after block laid, pick axes to level the floor, bucket after bucket of cement pouring the floor, roof put on….and then the fun of dedicating the house and bringing brand new furniture as a final exclamation point on the house!

The missions club also did a great work at Club Esperanza as well.  They collected special gift bags for all of our preschoolers and kindergarteners at the club…over 100 0f them.  The bags had some essential hygiene and dental products, fun toys, clothes and a sweet Children’s Bible Story book.  The group broke into teams to do story time with the kids, they read the new story and asked if the kids would like a copy of their own…as they all screamed “¡Siiiiii!”…the team brought in the bags for each student.  It was lots of fun!


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