Mercy Homes…back at it again!


One of the great things about Palmer Trinity School’s program of building houses in Nicaragua every Spring, is that they are able to send two teams…and for those of us who are great at math and basic reasoning, two teams equals two houses!!! ūüôā

Because there school has two separate week long breaks in the Spring and they have a faculty who loves the work here and leads the way, they are able to make it possible for more students to be involved with this project in Nicaragua.  We are always very excited to see so many kids who WANT to come to Nicaragua and work hard to do something great for a family.  This group built a home for a young family; Janis, her husband Jeffrey, and their little boy Jean Carlos.

It is soooooooooooo Hot this time of year, in fact I could make the word “so” go for five or six lines and that still wouldn’t describe how bad it is this year. ¬†We are coming off three years of weak rainy seasons, so not only is it blistering hot but everything is dead about a month earlier than usual. ¬†The good news is, that didn’t phase anyone! ¬†The kids set up the cement trough in the shade and went to work. ¬†It was even more impressive, because every student in this group was new to Nicaragua, so it was really awesome to see what a good job they did! ¬†Praise Jesus, a family was given a new home. ¬†Amen.

The team also took extra time to spend with the children at our rescue homes Casa Havilah and Casa Robles. ¬†Not only did they have a fun morning of ice cream and games, on¬†the following day they picked everyone up and took them¬†to the movies (the movie theaters have Air Conditioning!!!). ¬†But then,¬†as they left they also joined us to help financially to keep the homes running. ¬†They had success in fund raising for their trip, so they used the extra funds raised¬†to donate to the homes….such a blessing that is!!! ¬†It is a big effort to keep these homes open, but Praise Jesus we have always been able to keep them going, partly because of moments like these. ¬†We know it is because God loves each of His little ones and wants to care for them, especially when they are suffering. ¬†(If you are reading this and would like to help with Casa Havilah or Casa Robles, please click the links above and you can find out how to donate here.)

Thanks for a great trip PTS…see you next year!

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