Club Esperanza…Donation days

American Nicaragua Foundation is a local partner in Nicaragua that will call every few months or so for us to pick up donations….today they called with some rice and beans, cleaning materials and clothing.  It is a great blessing for the Club to receive the occasional donations like these that allows us to do even more!

For me personally I like days like this!  I like puzzles and like trying to fit a pile of stuff into the “Ambulance”.  It is always a fun surprise to see what ANF donates…today the fun surprise was clorox wipes for each classroom 🙂  The beautiful thing about Club Esperanza is we always have volunteers helping at moments like these too.  Camilo is part of our High School group and Marvin is a member of the community that volunteers as an assistant in our Kindergarden class.  A 100 pound sack of rice, that ain’t nothing!!!

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