In the cyber world, today is #GivingTuesday and we hope that you might want to help out in Nicaragua with any of our ongoing ministries…Club Esperanza, Casa Robles, Casa Havilah, Ruby Ranch, and Walakitang.  All are listed in tabs above and you can explore more information by using the search feature on the right sidebar of the blog.  Your charitable giving helps to keep all these ministries running and able to serve.

Thank You, God bless and we hope you had a Happy Thanksgiving!


Our family has been on a trip to the USA to visit family and enjoy the Thanksgiving Holiday in New Jersey/NYC, North Carolina, Georgia and Miami…it has been a great time!  Definitely the mega road trip of a lifetime for our family 🙂  

We look forward to heading home next week for Christmas and end of the year festivities in Nicaragua.  There are graduations at Club Esperanza, Christmas parties at the Club as well as our special Christmas party with Casa Robles and Casa Havilah, end of year celebrations and parties, Christmas bonuses and gifts for all the Open Hearts staff, and we look forward to an enjoyable Christmas with family in Nicaragua as well!  


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