Casa Roble…some exciting news!


We have a new van for the boys at Casa Robles!!!!

We have some exciting news from Casa Robles, just in time for the school year.  Over the Christmas break thanks to very generous donations, we were able to get a new van.  We shared our desire to make a change from our nearly twenty year old van in the fall…and now look at this beauty.  We have an almost brand new 2015 Toyota Hiace for the the home…doing the BEST we can do for these boys!

Thank you so much for all of your prayers and support…that is what makes exciting things like this happen.  From the house parents Angelica & Yuri, from all the boys, and from our family too….Thank You!!!

The school year starts Monday and we covet all of your prayers for the year to come.  It should be an exciting one and we look forward to God growing all the boys in Spirit and in Truth as they fight for their futures to be bright!

Denis’ birthday was this week too, so we went to the movie theatre and saw the movie Monster Trucks.  We had lots of fun, but nothing tops the photo booth they have outside the mall….Fredder and Angel took one for the team posing as Cinderella and a Sumo Wrestler!  LOL!!!  Happy Birthday Denis!


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