Club Esperanza…back to school shopping!


We have a group of high school students at Club Esperanza that we select every year to be a part of our High School Scholarship program.  It is a solid group of kids who come from various different family backgrounds.  Some of them have parents who are working hard and this group provides an assistance to them to better their child’s future.  Some of them come from homes with parents that really couldn’t care less about their future.  For these, their involvement in this group is entirely an individual effort to try and break out of the cycle of poverty by getting their High School degree..

We love this aspect of ministry at Club Esperanza and look forward to working with these students.  Something you can be in prayer about for them, is the formation of a youth group at Club Esperanza.  A weekly meeting where they would be the leaders of the group, but it would be open to all of their friends in the neighborhood.  We are laying the groundwork now and hopefully will launch this youth group in the coming months.

This blog post however is highlighting a fun day we had this week.  School starts next Monday, so it was time for back to school shopping.  We shopped for uniforms, shoes, backpacks and school supplies and just had a good time hanging out together for the day.

We look forward to a great school year!

We would like to say a special thank you to Love Light & Melody for their support of our High School Scholarship program this year!

If you would like to donate to support the children at Club Esperanza we would be very thankful…we need your help to impact these young lives!

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