Family Update…school starts at home too :)

Living down here in Nicaragua, we have decided to keep our children on the Nicaraguan school year.  So, as we were sharing about all that is going on at our ministry sites as the year starts, we thought it would be fun to send an update on how things are going with our kiddos as we start the school year.

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Aliyah, Mason and Isabella have the greatest teacher in the history of all creation! 🙂  Krista has been homeschooling our kiddos since Aliyah entered the first grade.  Every year we order curriculum from Sonlight, and it’s always fun for the kiddos when they get their box of school supplies.  Of course, Juliette jumped into the mix even though she hasn’t started first grade yet.  This year Aliyah is in 6th grade, Mason is in 4th and Isabella is in 2nd.  It is a challenge at times juggling three different grades with everything else going on.  But this is something we are really thankful to be able to do with our kids.  Lots of hard work, but so worth it to be teaching our children and watching them grow in knowledge and truth.  Aliyah loves to read and keeps getting taller.  Mason is super into science and history, he actually knows Planet Earth II comes out February 18th.  Isabella is an incredible reader and is willing herself to grow taller every day to catch up with Aliyah.  They are all doing well and we appreciate your prayers for their school year!

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Juliette hasn’t entered Mommy’s school room yet.  She is full of life and has a super strong will that makes us laugh all the time.  Even at four she argues as stubbornly as Daddy does when she thinks she is right. Go figure, LOL!  She is in her last year of Kindergarten at “Kinder Montessori”.  Montessori is a small local preschool/kindergarten that all of our kiddos have graduated from.  Teaching is done entirely in Spanish, except for English class of course.  It is a place that we trust and the teachers do an excellent job.  Juliette has a bunch of little friends there and it is fun watching her little brain try to adjust everyday when I pick her up and I ask her about her day…in English.

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Krista and I celebrated our 14th wedding anniversary in January.  The kiddos made us breakfast and Aliyah managed to spell “Happy Anniversary” out of pancakes!  We snuck out for dinner and a movie and even got to stop by a new coffee shop for dessert!  (Thank you Gramma!).  The Lord has blessed us in many many ways and we are so thankful for each other and for our family.  We all look out for each other’s needs before our own and we love each other with everything we do, words and actions.

Thanks for your continued prayers for us here in Nicaragua.

We are blessed by your love and support!


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  1. I loved reading this 😊 praying for you guys! So excited for our teens that get to come back this year; I know they’re going to have an incredible trip.

    Love you and praying continually,

    Aaron Goldenberg


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