Family Update: Our baby just turned 5!

IMG_7182Time sneaks up on you sometimes and all of a sudden your baby girl is turning five years old!  We know, we know, just wait ’til they are graduating high school!  LOL!  It is so true, time does keep on slippin’ into the future.  But praise Jesus for every day of it that we get to LIVE!!!

Juliette is an incredible little girl and it was so much fun to celebrate her birthday.  She has a pretty awesome big sister Aliyah who made her birthday cake for her, all by herself!  Check out the photos of the pink cake with multi-colored layers!  The funniest thing about Aliyah and Juliette is that they could be identical twins except one is our oldest and one is our youngest.  Juliette is always pointing at Aliyah’s baby pictures saying it is her.  She is stubborn as her daddy, so no matter how many times you tell her it is Aliyah she will not be convinced!  We are being faithful as her parents and look so forward to the great leader she is going to be in the future.  We love our baby girl!

Our family is doing very well through the dry season and we are so thankful for all of your continued prayers for us!  In the middle of excessive heat and dry dusty land, we have had an exciting Springtime in ministry down here and things are cranking!  We will have a newsletter out soon with some of the fun stories.  Krista and I took an incredible weekend trip on a last minute invite to Tim Tebow’s Golf Classic that we really need to blog about.  It was a huge hug from God for us and a wild weekend of God moving us around together, praying for people all over the place in the middle of an awesome celebration of the great things the Tebow Foundation does!  Our kiddos are all doing well in school with Krista as the greatest teacher ever.  Not every day is easy.  But, it is the best classroom they could ever hope for!  Mason has been getting back into his groove after his broken leg and we are so thankful for that…soccer, football, frisbee, swinging from trees…he is back in action!  Isabella is a star and and seven years old, she can read better than anyone in the family…daddy included LOL!

IMG_7250 IMG_7255

Again thank you for your continued prayers and support for our little family!  It is an encouragement greater than you could ever imagine!

Juliette at the beach on her last day being 4!

This is a great story of who our little Juliette is.  Right after our friend Anna-bel took this picture of her, a big wave crashed up and splashed all over her.  She turned immediately and said “Oh, the wave just gave me a big hug…because it’s my birthday!” 🙂

Happy Birthday Baby Girl!

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