Walakitang Update: Great News…keep praying!

I was just now able to talk to Pastor Victor and he had a great report.  Since yesterday the “Crisi Sikni” has been gone from Walakitang!  That is amazingly incredible and it is because of your alls prayers!  Hundreds of people praying from all over the world makes a difference and this is not just flattery, it is God’s people joining together to fight evil!

I am convinced of this because the Evil one is trying to steal the glory.  Guess who came to Walakitang the same day we all started praying?  The Sukia.  And so there will be many who just nod to the witchdoctor as the cure.  But we know the truth and I sincerely feel because of all of your prayers, prayers that are not tainted from years and decades and centuries of influence from the evil black magic of the Rio Coco, that this evil went away.  We need to help our brothers and sisters who live under such oppressive darkness…


     Pastor Victor said three more communities near Walakitang have been affected heavily by this same “Crisi Sikni.”  Let’s all go to battle now and call on God to show his power.  Let’s pray that before any Sukia can get to these villages that the evil would leave and be gone and peace would return!  Tonight let’s pray for these three communities.  Here are the names, pray specifically for the evil to be gone tonight…


Jesus give freedom from this evil that is striking fear all along the Rio Coco.  We pray that you will get the glory and this evil will be gone tonight!  In Jesus name, tonight!

Pastor Victor, his wife Damaris and their daughter Mirari last Christmas when we met in Managua

Victor also asked for a personal prayer and as you pray for these three communities, please pray for him too.  A coconut fell and hit him in the head a couple of months ago.  He has had a lingering pain deep in his facial bones that is very painful and affects him any time he chews.  While I was talking with him he brought this up and asked for prayer.  So, praying people, ask Jesus to make this pain go away tonight too!  Amen.

     In talking with Victor he said the siknis was very hard on the community this time.  So many young people, little girls the age of seven were being affected.  They are all so relieved that it is gone, but they are also very weary from it.  The church was nearly destroyed but the main structure is still there.  Victor said that when they can get gas for the chainsaw they are going to cut more planks and rebuild the church.  He was able to save the sound system and the tin on the roof as well as the solar panel were not destroyed, Praise God!  We will pray that God will make a way this year to get a solid concrete structure built in Walakitang for the church.  It is a big task, because Walakitang is so remote, but it is doable!

For now let us keep praying!  I am so encouraged by the deep care of so many of you for Walakitang and the Rio Coco.  I know Victor and all of the church members are very encouraged as well.  What a great testimony.  There is still more left to happen.  Let’s be praying for Raiti, Wailaska and Arandak tonight and as often as we pray.  Victory from evil and peace returning to these villages!  Amen.

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