First rain of the season…dry season is over! (we hope!)

There was lots of dancing around our house today…we had our first major rain storm pass over and it was awesome!  Praise Jesus for rain!!!

These next few weeks are so fun, because the land has not had any water for six months and it is so dead and dry.  It is incredible to watch everything turn totally green in just a matter of days.  In two weeks Nicaragua will be lush and green again!


Bella and I went down to check on the “dry river bed” behind our property…well we got to take a picture by the river LOL…the chocolate river filled with who even knows what!  It is pretty amazing that one rain turns a dry bed into this!  Of course by the time we were walking back to the house, it was already drying up again…pretty wild!

Then there was also the race to find out how many leaks were in the roof and making sure all the gutters were unclogged!  We did have a big wash at our retaining wall…all that dirt used to be on this side of that wall 🙂


We only had two new leaks in the roof…gotta get up there tomorrow and apply some Fastyl…which is basically paint on tar in a can hahaha!

Praise Jesus, we hope this means we will have a great rainy season for Nicaragua!

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