Summer Fun…Narrow Gaters!

Every summer we have some friends who want to spend a little more time in Nicaragua and jump into ministry for an extended period time.  Narrow Gate is a program Krista and I have hosted since we moved to Nicaragua in 2005.  We focus on learning, serving and living in community with the program.  We study the things of God together with some select reading and study.  We put our hands to work at all of our ministry sites as well as working with teams that come through over the summer.  We also focus on the refinement of our own character as we live in community together doing the “normal” day to day life.  It is a 40 day session and we love it!

Walking on the New parks along Lake Managua.

This summer we have a crew of young adults from all across the United States.  Breanna is joining us from Oregon, Jess from Colorado and Jessica from Florida.  We’ve got a great cross section of the States this year!  These ladies have been such a blessing to our family and to our ministry this summer.  It is awesome!  We are about half way through the summer and actually are blogging about them now, so you can pray for the rest of our summer.  God is doing lots of cool things and we want to keep doing things with our lives that honor Him!  We have volunteered at Club Esperanza, done camps and manual labor at Ruby Ranch, joined in ministry with a number of groups in lots of different cities, had some great ministry and prayer times at Mrs. Ruby’s, and had lots of great meals together…doing the dishes together afterwards too 🙂  There are more groups on the way, more volunteer time at the Rescue homes, a solitude retreat and solo journeys where they will live in a home with a Nicaraguan family and go to work with them everyday.  Like I said, fun stuff.  Thanks for your prayers for all of us!!!  And thanks Jessica, Jess & Breanna for Dominatin’ For Jesus with us this summer!

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