Summer Fun…Valor Christian School

We have been in a fun summer swing with visitors from the states coming down and volunteering in ministry with us!  Praise God for all the hands on deck!


Valor Christian School from Colorado has been a partner at Ruby Ranch since its beginning and this year they were able to spend most of their time with children from the local community and working at the Double R.  In the above picture you can see the work they did rebuilding the outdoor chapel.  Probably the wildest moment of their trip was on their first day when a storm of Biblical portions rose up and dumped on them.  Getting home was a wild adventure.  They climbed out in the downpour to fix the road with the community (the road was becoming a river), then they had to forge a river the bus couldn’t cross and eventually make it out!  What could have been a disaster turned into a pretty awesome time working together and keeping the joy and patience of the Lord in the middle of a Storm (literally).

They also took a day and helped at Club Esperanza.  We painted the entire Early Childhood Education center.  This was much needed after hundreds of little hands smearing across the walls every day!  As much as they worked, they had as much fun with the kids at the Club.  It was another great bit of time spent…and as you notice in some of the pictures below all the paint didn’t quite make it to the wall.  LOL!

All the work was great, but the best part of the trip was what the Lord did in the students’ lives.  There was a move of God among them, several giving their lives to Jesus, others intentionally dedicating themselves to putting God first and thirteen of them got baptized here at the Buzbees!  It was an awesome finale to their week!  Praise Jesus!

Keep an eye on our blog as we hope to put up other reports from all our Summer fun!  God is good, all the time!  And all the time, God is good!


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