Summer Fun: On Mission for Nicaragua…

Our friends Hilary & Jack Snook, their family and a bunch of friends from Georgia came down this summer on “Mission for Nicaragua.”  They organized over the year under this banner and came down ready to Dominate for Jesus in any way that they could! They bought beds, visited churches, and loved on people all over the small rural town of Los Brasiles where Open Hearts has “Club Los Brasiles”.  This is a very impactful ministry center that Coburn and Melissa started years ago and keep operating, bringing all sorts of blessings to this rural area.  The Georgia folks were all in, and it was an awesome couple of weeks with people coming and going.  I loved hearing their stories in the evenings here at the Quinta, specifically one story where they were in a small little church service and the presence of God just began moving in people’s hearts and many were suddenly overwhelmed by God, tears in their eyes, worshiping our creator!

There was also time to go out to Ruby Ranch on a few camp days with kids from Los Brasiles!  This is always such a fun time…but of course this group of people were not just here for fun so they grabbed some shovels and go to work finishing some hard labor on the retaining walls surrounding the first dorm!  Dominate4Jesus#

Then to top things off, they visited Club Esperanza and walked with our teacher Henriette to visit with the children in our ministry who have special needs.  Henriette started “Junto por Inclusion” this past year and now cares for ten different families in the urban area surrounding Club Esperanza.  While visiting and praying for families they met Jason who is very severely handicapped and restricted to a wheel chair. His mom said he needed a new bed…so they bought him one.  Amen!

It was a great time with our Georgia friends…praise Jesus for all these good things!

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